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We hand shape and hand fit every leaf spring whether it’s re-arching, adding an extra leaf or manufacturing a new spring. Improving springs made in American factories that are already of the highest quality is our specialty. Call, text or email us today for an assessment of your leaf spring situations!

Onsite spring manufacturing

Design and build complete springs

One day service on most jobs

U-Bolts made on site

Only Full Temper Manufacturer of Leaf Springs in the Valley

Camper, RV, Sprinter & Van Springs

Stock OEM and factory modifications for most all applications from height and capacity to re-arch and re-bush

Materials sourced from Triangle Suspension Systems Inc including leaf spring and heavy truck suspension components shipped anywhere in the US

Service body and heavy truck specialists-leaning, capacity or height issues

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If We Don’t HAVE It...
We Make It

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Call the shop, or send us an email to discuss a project. We’ll get to know each other and start talking ideas.

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We listen to your specific needs, then prepare a quote and plan of attack to get the job done the right way and on time.

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We deliver on our promises with quality work, and we also deliver parts to your doorstep. Ask about shipping when you make an order.

Modern To Classic

We make custom u-bolts to fit your particular application in almost any size. When you fix your springs, the u-bolts are equally important, even if they have only been on for a short period of time. Once u-bolts have been torqued they aren’t able to do their job properly any longer. They’ve cut their path and will not tighten twice the same.

We also make add-a-leafs and fit them into your existing spring pack. You could purchase an add-a-leaf from one of the big name brands, but chances are, the arch won’t match your spring because no two springs are exactly the same. The result will likely be that the new leaf will cut into your other springs or be counteractive.